Theriofauna of the Rybalsky Quarry has its own peculiarities. It includes 15 species which belong to 7 orders and 10 families. The species composition of the theriofauna is poor and in relation to Ukraine equals – 12,1%. Hedgehog was seen in the areas with remains of the steppe vagetation and in humid tree stands on the western slope. Common shrew lives in a humid area on the western slope of the Quarry. Bats flies in the Quarry during hunting. Red fox uses the territory of the Quarry for hunting. Beech marten tracks were found in Quarry in winter. Weasel live in the Quarry in the forests on the slopes. Badger tracks were found, but no settlements. European hare lives in the Quarry. Squirrel lives in the Quarry and the flood plain forest on the shore of the Samara bay. House mouse lives in the structures build in the Quarry. Rat travels to the Quarry from the shore of the Samara Bay, where it is common. The territory of the Quarry is a part of individual area of an adult European roe deer in summer. All the territory covers the neighbouring territories of the flood plain forest and farming lands. In the Quarry, it prefers the southern and western slopes covered with forest. Visits the water pond on the western slope of the Quarry.