This year at Charny-sur-Meuse, good weather and a high flow of the river Meuse gave to the pikes good chances to make a nice reproduction. To have lot of data on the pikes equipped with an emetor, the Meuse federation of fishing and protection of the aquatic environment enrolls two trainees, Paul MASSARD (University of Metz) and Guillaume GONZALEZ (Engineering school of water and environment of Strasbourg). All the pikes tracked went in a hydrological extend of the river. Some of them were seen and were filmed during their reproduction. A short movie is available here.
This study gives us more proofs that the hydrological extend concerned by our project has a dysfunction. In fact, there was no reproduction and only one marked pike was detected here.
Moreover, this hydrological extend create sometimes a flow path between the river and the quarry. Some fish from different species use it and are trapped in the carry. We saw a great mortality of cyprinids. To confirm these movements, 4 marked pikes were detected in the carry and are always here nowadays. They are trapped in the carry and do not have access to suitable sites to make their biological cycle.
Our project of restoration will end this phenomenon of trapping and is going to create a new favorable site for the pike’s reproduction.