Taking part in the project "Flying animals of Olshanytskyi quarry", we noted that there are various animals found not only in the neighborhood of the active quarry or on its territory, but also, what is impressive, on the bottom of the quarry. The bottom of the quarry is not a dead stone desert, as most of people believe. On the bottom of the career were various insects, including those listed in the Red Book of Ukraine, birds and some mammals.
All this amazed us, as we did not expect such a diversity of life. Therefore we developed a project for the creation of the refugiums in the form of artificial insect nests, which would be crystallizing centers for ecosystems of quarries. In addition, these nests will provide an opportunity to evaluate the species diversity of insects in these ecosystems and also become a good model for environmental education and outreach activities that will reveal deeper the living world of the quarries.