HeidelbergCement Ukraine is proud to introduce the National Jury Members of the Quarry Life Award 2018

National Jury Members of the Quarry Life Award 2018 are recognized experts and high level professionals which daily make significant contribution in environmental sphere of Ukraine. 

Dr. Viktor Gasso, Ph.D.

Docent of the Department of Zoology and Ecology, Postdoc, Deputy Dean for International Cooperation, Faculty of Biology, Ecology and Medicine, Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University

Viktor Gasso is a professional in biodiversity research and conservation. He studied problems of the rehabilitation of land after mining and recovery of biodiversity.

Dr. Gasso took part in realisation of different international projects on biodiversity conservation. He represented Ukraine in the “BioStrat” Support Action for the European Platform for Biodiversity Research Strategy in 2007-2010, that was funded by the EU 6th Framework Programme. In 2010-2014 Viktor Gasso cooperated with the international team in the FP7 KNEU project – “Developing a Knowledge Network for European expertise on biodiversity and ecosystem services to inform policy making economic sectors”. Dr. Gasso is an expert of the Group on the Conservation of Amphibians and Reptiles of the Bern Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats. He also implemented several national projects on biodiversity research for the last decade.

Dr. Gasso is the author of monograph “Biodiversity of Ukraine. Dnipropetrovsk region. Amphibians and reptiles (Amphibia et Reptilia)”, “Ecology” textbook and tens of papers on biodiversity problematic. He is one of the authors and vice-editor of “The Red Data Book of Dnipropetrovsk region”.


Valentyna Chorna

Department Chairperson, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Dnipropetrovsk State Agrarian-Economic University

Author of more than 300 scientific works, including 8 educational methodology handbooks, scientific handbook “Ecology of urban systems”, 9 inventions protected by patents of Ukraine, 2 scientific discoveries dedicated to theoretic and practical ecological problems, radiobiology, human health and study of the mechanisms of functioning  of integrative brain functions. Valentina supported 3 Ph.D. candidates. She is a specialist in ecological biophysics, radiation neurochemistry, human ecology, she is also a scientific supervisor of state-budget scientific and research works on priority directions of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.  Valentyna Chorna is awarded by Honorary Certificate of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, “Author” sign of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, silver medal of Russian Academy of natural sciences named after P.L. Kaplytsya and International association of scientific discoveries’ authors. Valentina is working on the research of ecological and biophysical features of the environment and the role of ecological factors in forming of system interconnections. Prof. Chorna holds classes on: “Biophysical processes in ecological systems”, “Radiobiology”,  “Radioecology”, “Urban ecology”, “Human ecology”,  “Agricultural radioecology”.  


Sergiy Gladkevych

Professional photographer-naturalist, author, traveler, biologist

Sergiy started to photograph in school times. He graduated from Nizhyn Gogol State University, biological faculty. Being a student he was interested in entomology (hymenoptera, ichneumon flies, etc.), later – in predatory birds (training, observation of migration and predatory behavior of goshawk). Sergiy also worked with other kinds of predatory birds (hobby falcon, saker falcon, peregrin falcon, golden eagle, snake eagle and others). During field works and expeditions Sergiy Gladkevych visited Ural, Siberia, Carpathians and Crimea. Now he is traveling a lot all over Ukraine, knows and loves his country.  

As a photographer Sergiy participated in scientific expeditions of ichthyologists, herpetologists, entomologists, ornithologists, paleontologists of National Academy of Science of Ukraine. Sergiy had been working as a photo editor in full-color slick magazine “AQVA”, photographer and photo editor in the following magazines “Klynok”, “Zbroya ta myslyvstvo”, “Zolotyi  vik”. He has been an author of the column about animals in the magazine “Voice of Ukraine”, the column about photographing during traveling in “Newspaper for travelers” (St. Petersburg), columns about animals in children's magazines “Ukhtyshka”, “Doctor Kreid”. Sergey is also an author of the column about photographing of wild nature in the magazine “Hunting and fishing”.

As a promotor and professional photographer Sergiy Gladkevych represented photo equipment and worked for “Minolta”, “Konika Minolta”, “Sony”.  At the moment he is a professional photographer naturalist and author. He is taking snapshots, developing new fittings for photographing of wild nature. Sergey holds workshops on photographing of wild nature of Ukrainian theriology school (annually, for more than 10 years), Ukrainian River Chain, at the international conferences “National strategy wetlands conservation in Ukraine” and other ecological seminars, conferences, takes part in trainings and seminars “Konika Minolta”, “Bayer”, projects on wild nature conservation, organized by National Ecology Center of Ukraine, Black Sea office of Wetlands International.

Sergiy is the organizer and Jury Committee Chairman of all-over Ukraine photo contest "Photonature. Nature made in Ukraine” 2009-2013: http://photonature.com.ua/

Sergiy Gladkevych had been the official photographer of the Council of OSCE Ministers 2013, which took place in Ukraine.

Sergiy takes snapshots in all natural zones in Ukraine from torrid Ukrainian steppes, Syvash, Crimea, to Polissya bogs, Carpathians, endless Dnipro flood plains. He has an experience of field works, observation of animals and their natural environment, along with wide expedition practice.  


Ruslan Strilets

Director of Ecology and environmental protection department of Dnipropetrovsk Region

Ruslan Strilets graduated from Dnipropetrovsk National University, specialty “International economics” (master’s degree) and Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs, specialty “Legal science” (lawyer).

His professional career started in 2001. After receiving considerable experience, in 20017 Ruslan became a government employee and started to work in Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration. Till 2012 Ruslan Strilets had been involved in economic issues of ecological sphere. He is a professional in the field of environmental economics and state management.

In 2012 he started to work as a Deputy Head of State Environmental Protection Department in Dnipropetrovsk Region. Later, due to liquidation of this department, he had been transferred to newly created structural subdivision of Regional State Administration – Ecology and environmental protection department.  Ruslan Strilets holds the position of Director.

When had been working for Regional State Administration, Ruslan was awarded Honorary certificate of the Head of Regional State Administration for best performance and ability to find optimal solutions, award pin on “Development of the region” for recommendations of non-standard and modern ways to tackle the issues in environmental sector.  


Olga Gorb

Advisor of Head of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Administration

Graduated from Ukrainian State Chemical Technology University, specialty: “Business management”.

Since 2006 Olga had been working for Privat Bank, commercial bank, PJSC (Business budgeting of industrial and commercial enterprises).  Her job title was First Deputy of the Head of Business budgeting of industrial and commercial enterprises (commercial direction). Responsibilities: development of budgeting and financial accounting system; budget and business plant development and analysis, preparation of the reports on possible financial projects for shareholders; optimization of the processes within the company (study, detection of bottlenecks, “gaps”, development of proper business processes).

Since May 2015 Olga Gorb holds the position of Advisor of Head of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Administration.

Volunteer activities:

2014 – 2015: August 2014 – start of the activities, first fund raising to support injured after shootings in Zelenopillya. Union of initiative volunteers on medical issues (group of 15 people), organizing of purchasing and transfer of medicine to battlefield zone in Donetsk Region (B sector) – Starobesheve, Amvrosiyivka, Rozivka.  Work on solving the issue to supply Soldiers with styptic “Celox”. Purchase of items for individual medicine boxes from America. Start of preparation of the items for individual medicine boxes and their transferring to military divisions. Organizational work on “Tactic medicine” workshop. Union of the initiative volunteers’ group becomes volunteering organization “Power of Dnipro”. The decision was done to create charity organization, where Olga became a participant. She took part in meetings of released captives, organized the transport of Soldiers from Kharkiv to Kryvyi Rih. 


Silvio Thiede

Chairman of the Management Board, General Manager Ukraine, НeidelbergCement Ukraine

Silvio Thiede was born on March 11, 1969 in Pasewalk, Germany. 

He graduated from Technical University and University of Applied Sciences in Dresden, Germany with Master's degree in Construction and Mobile equipment. Mr. Thiede holds a Master of Business Administration, Asebuss Executive Program, Bucharest Romania and American Executive MBA Certificate from Kennesaw State University, Atlanta, USA.

Silvio Thiede has extensive experience in building materials production in different countries. Mr. Thiede had been working as General Manager of TBG Romania Beton Group SRL (Romania), Development Manager of Carpatcement (Romania) and Head of IT Department Central Europe Region of HeidelbergCement Group. Before assignement to position of General Manager Ukraine Silvio Thiede has been working for HeidelbergCement Rus as General Manager of Northwest Region and General Manager of CESLA Cement Plant. 

Since January 10, 2013 Silvio Thiede is a Chairman of the Management Board, General Manager Ukraine, НeidelbergCement Ukraine.