The wildlife population of the Rybalsky quarry was formed (and continues to be formed) spontaneously due to settling of the territory of the quarry by the wildlife inhabitating adjacent territories (floodplain forest, agricultural lands) and its subsequent adaptation. Directly and indirectly, this process has been influenced by the biological features of living organisms, weather conditions, the formation of the site as an ecosystem , etc.
The main goal of the project is to carry out a complex of zoological studies aimed at inventorising and assessing the current state of the mammal, reptile and amphibian fauna as well as certain groups of insects (butterflies, coleoptera-,beetles , hemiptera –true bugs), quantitative indices of their density and the nature of their distribution, depending on environmental factors.
For comparative purposes, the study will cover habitats adjacent to the quarry: floodplain forest, agricultural lands, tree shelterbelts between fields. Particular attention will be paid to the study of the avifauna, the inventorisation of which was carried out in 2016 (the project "Enhancing the Avian Diversity of the Rybalsky Quarry ").
The field research data will be carefully analyzed in faunistic, zoogeographic, ecological terms. This will be presented in the form of an electronic catalogue "The Animal World of the Rybalsky Quarry", accessible to the general public.


Сніговий покрив відіграє суттєву роль в зимовій екології тварин і дає можливість детального вивчення їх діяльності по слідах. У кінці січня, коли довгожданий сніг вкрив схили Рибальського кар’єру білою ковдрою, команда зоологів провела на його території обліки зимуючих ссавців і птахів.

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